David Brookshaw Miniature Tools

Miniature Toolmaker since 1988
I make tools to 1/12th scale.The chest opposite is a miniature copy of one offered for sale by R.TIMMINS of Birmingham in 1845.
Gentleman's Victorian 1/12th Scale Chest

I make copies of rare and Museum Tools especially of an ornate nature, for collectors. Working in Rosewood, Ivory, Ebony, Boxwood, Brass and Steel.

17th Century Italian Brace

My tools appear in some of the finest collections in the world...
16th Century Etched Nuremberg Plane

...and have been featured in publications on fine tools. In one case being used as the front cover.

Tools from the above Chest
I am always interested in discussing commissions

Contact Details:
David Brookshaw
26 Clearwell Gardens
GL52 5GH
United Kingdom
Tel. 44 (0) 1242 577944

18th Century Moisset Plane